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Introducing Check Quiz
Check Quiz is an interactive formative assessment tool. Check Quiz breaks topics into skill steps and provides a super fast way to check your student's progress.
Check Quiz requires a MathsStarters Premium subscription ($20* AUD / year).

Watch the introductory video and access two trial quizzes.
Most of MathsStarters has always been, and will continue to be free - I want to support my colleagues. Yet, running MathsStarters costs money and it takes a lot of time to maintain and develop the activities and games on this site. This is why Check Quiz is only available for premium subscribers.

*$20 AUD / year for the life of your subscription, cancel anytime. Price will rise to $22 AUD / year in 2022.
Schools can contact me to subscribe multiple teachers for a discount.
Watch the introduction video
Chris and Will are on a magical adventure as they try to complete ancient spells that will bring stone circles to life!

Investigating the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle. 

It is generally known that in 2-dimensional space that honeycomb made by bees forms hexagons to fill a flat surface. Matt Parker looks at the end of a honeycomb cell and the best 3-dimensional shape to fill the end.
Explains how the months of the year were named (e.g. why 'October' is the 10th month, not the eighth!) with some nice images. 

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