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This is the last edition for 2021. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
A blog post discussion consideration of the trigonometric functions in terms of multiplication rather than division. 

A repository of thought-through tasks covering a variety of different intersecting topics.

In this collection of resources students can explore the Fold and Cut Theorem with festive shapes, and can go on to make and decorate a Fold and Cut Christmas Tree. 

What we really need to be learning instead is a thing called TRIGONOMETRIC SCALARS.
What is the largest single hole one can carve out of a pumpkin without the pumpkin collapsing?

An investigation and explanation of the patterns in the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. 

About friendly numbers. Not all numbers are friendly.

Matt Parker investigates factorials, considering non-integer and negative factorials. 

12345678910987654321 is a memorable prime.

Neil Sloane, OEIS, looks at the most wanted prime. 

A unique hexagon, with unit diameter, that has the largest area. 

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