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The first newsletter for 2022 - another year shaping up to be extraordinary. Remember, there are lots of activities on MathsStarters that can be used remotely (orange box). The Maths at Home page has lots of helpful links. The Topic Help section has the NSW syllabus covered.
Calculus Made Easy is a book on calculus originally published in 1910 by Silvanus P. Thompson, considered a classic and elegant introduction to the subject. Free online version.

Investigate multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 using this interactive place value chart. 

Updated for 2022. Quickly access this link using
A collaborative effort to write each date of 2022 as a number sentence.
Printable hundreds charts to paste in student workbooks. Available as 0-9, 10-19 ... and 1-10, 11-20 ... versions.

Printable times table to paste in student workbooks. Available as 0× to 10× and 0× to 12×.

Wordle craze meets maths
Inspired by the game Wordle, you have six attempts to find a sequence of five numbers from a times table. 

Inspired by Wordle, Ooodle is a number game in which the player aims to find the solution to an equation in up to six attempts.
Find the expression from a series of guesses and clues. 

Inspired by Wordle and based on 5 digit prime numbers. Good applications of divisibility rules are possible. Guess the prime in 6 tries.
A look at the discrete counterpart of calculus, the calculus of sequences or the calculus of differences.

It's a clip taken from the movie X+Y aka A brilliant young mind. The math(s) problem that Nathan, the main character in this movie, is working on in this clip is a simplified version of the first part of a problem that was shortlisted for the 2009 International Mathematical Olympiad.

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