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Theory work booklets with links to YouTube videos for the Year 11 Mathematics Advanced (NSW) course by Benjamin Odgers.
Statistical fallacies are common tricks data can play on you, which lead to mistakes in data interpretation and analysis. Explore some common fallacies, with real-life examples, and find out how you can avoid them. Includes a poster.

A downloadable resource of two posters covering the common prefixes and suffixes in maths.

Wordle craze meets maths #2
Last newsletter shared 4 maths games inspired by Wordle. Here are a few more... (All can be found quickly here)
Your goal is to guess the hidden function. You can either put in values to see what comes out, or put in a value and predict what will come out.

In SumIt you complete the sum, using each of the digits 1-9 exactly once.

In Nerdle, you create a complete sum using eight "letters", where the letters are digits and operations.


Professor Hannah Fry presents the simple method use in ancient times to ensure that digging a tunnel from both sides of a mountain meet in the middle. Includes applications of bearings and Pythagoras' theorem.

A general solution to the cubic equation was long considered impossible, until we gave up the requirement that math reflect reality.

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