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What makes a proof stronger than a guess? What does evidence look like in the realm of mathematical abstraction? Hear the mathematician Melanie Matchett Wood explain how probability helps to guide number theorists toward certainty. [podcast episode]

This article shares 5 examples of negatively skewed distributions in the real world.

This article presents 5 examples of positively skewed distributions in the real world.

A growing collection of backward faded worked examples.'In backward faded worked examples, students are required to try to find a solution in the last step on problem 1, the last two steps on problem 2, and so on. In other words, students are required to continue the steps given to solve the problem.'

A simple online interactive that judges your ability to draw a circle.

A 3D visualisation of a³ − b³ = (a − b)(a² + ab + b²).

A visualisation of (a + b)². 

A visualisation of cos²x + sin²x = 1.

Dates as operations updated for 2023. A collaborative effort to write a mathematically correct statement using the digits of today's date.

An interactive tool for learning about the Greatest Common Factor (or divisor) of an integer. The tool shows two methods, listing the factors and using an algorithm (including code).

Learn how the concept of infinity can be used to convert a round pizza into a rectangle, which explains the formula for the area of a circle.

Ben Sparks presents an integration problem.

Starting with the question: What are the chances that there are two people in London with the same number of hairs on their head? Includes The Pigeon Hole Principle.

Marcus du Sautoy on Fibonacci Numbers, considering music and poetry.

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