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NSW Curriculum 2023-4
Browse by the new NSW syllabus
The NSW Syllabus browse page on MathsLinks has been updated for the new 3 - 6 and 7 - 10 syllabus.
Many existing resources have been mapped to the new syllabus.

This tool generates box-and-whisker plots. Parallel boxplots can be provided and outliers can be shown/hidden.

A collection of virtual math manipulatives. Includes algebra tiles, fraction tiles, integer chips.

This Desmos implementation of the Unit Circle is intended to highlight certain relationships on the circle, so that students can more meaningfully discern what's happening and why.

An idea for a problem solving activity using Pythagoras' theorem in a 3D box.

An interactive that shows the geometric meaning of the inverse trig functions arcsin and arccos.

Simple game that asks 10 timed multiple choice questions.

The power of compound interest can drown you in exploding debt or raise you to incredible wealth. See the vital role compound interest plays in debt and in wealth building.

We explore the concept of a penny doubled or a million dollars with our interactive experience and we discover the importance of compound interest.

Showing a general angle on the coordinate plane.

Featuring Ben Sparks, looking at the light switch problem, also known as the locker problem.

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