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Is it time for a holiday yet?
This is a catch-up of the resources added over the summer holidays.
Mathematics Extension 1 (2019) booklets
Course work booklets for the new Extension 1 (2019) course in NSW.

First booklet: ME-F1 Further work with functions
A collection of interactive learning objects for teaching calculus.

With the decommission of The Learning Reference Repository, a HTML only version of this resource was published on MathsLinks.

Investigate errors in measurement with this widget. Looks at upper and lower limt, maximum error, relative error and percentage error.

The first six books of The Elements of Euclid with coloured interactive diagrams and symbols.

A visual introduction to probability and statistics.

Fun with toothpicks.

Matt Parker seriously looks at calendars.

This video illustrates six different proofs for the Pythagorean Theorem as six little beautiful visual puzzles.

Everybody knows that root 2 is irrational but how do you figure out whether or not a scary expression involving several nested roots is irrational or not?

Solutions to three exam questions using the pigeonhole principle. [Extension 1 ME-A1 Working with combinatronics]

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